I'm Seth.

About me


• Software Engineer Intern at County College of Morris from December 2018 to January 2020.


I graduated in September 2020 with a BS in Computer Science from Western Governors University.

My projects

Job Application Dashboard

An interactive data dashboard that displays dynamically generated graphs, metrics, and variables built with Python and Flask.

Rejection Email Classifier

Developed a machine-learning bot in Python to classify any email as a rejection or non-rejection with 96% accuracy.


A node.js website that dynamically creates virtual vinyl records based off what Spotify artist the user searches for.


A real-time Oreo cookie consumption counter built with Javascript and Firebase.

Automated Chicken Coop

An embedded project that fully automates the heat lamps, fan, and door to a chicken coop using an Arduino Microcontroller and the C programming language.

Lost in Transit Video Game

A published video game released on Steam using Gamemaker Studio 2 and GML. I solely completed all the programming, art, music, and marketing.

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